25 Oct 2016

The classic waffle sole is iconic in the shoe industry, and Nike beefs up this design with the addition of 4mm beveled lugs covering the entire outsole. While these lugs grab very well on dry terrain, the proximity of the lugs becomes a major problem in mud or clay as they simply clog up. Even trying to clean them on a sharp rock becomes an annoyance due to this outsole tendency to get completely caked and not let go.

The interior of the outsole is comprised of softer and very tacky rubber which was surprisingly durable, while the edges of dicksrunningshop.com/nike-zoom-elite-8-c-1_33.html the outsole have high-abrasion carbon rubber. The outsole is showing very little wear for me and I think that the tacky rubber could be used over the entirety of the outsole. With the high-abrasion rubber on the edges of the shoe I believe it increased the propensity for ankle rolling and instability as the combination of dense midsole, substantial rock plate, and hard outsole rubber don absorb a whole lot of shock and you just seem to bounce off of everything.

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